Different Types of Jounalism

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There are several different forms of journalism, all with different intended audiences. In modern society, "prestige" journalism is said to serve the role of a "fourth estate", acting as watchdogs on the workings of government. Other forms of journalism feature different formats and cater to different intended audiences.
Some forms include:
  1. Advocacy journalism – writing to advocate particular viewpoints or influence the opinions of the audience.
  2. Broadcast journalism – writing or speaking which is intended to be distributed by radio or television broadcasting, rather than only in written form for readers.
  3. Drone journalism – use of drones to capture journalistic footage.
  4. Gonzo journalism – first championed by journalist Hunter S. Thompson, gonzo journalism is a "highly personal style of reporting".
  5. Investigative journalism – writing which seeks to add extra information to explain, or better describe the people and events of a particular topic.
  6. Photojournalism – storytelling through images.
  7. Tabloid journalism – writing which uses opinionated or wild claims.
  8. Yellow journalism (or sensationalism) – writing which emphasizes exaggerated claims or rumors.
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