For every single harsh moment,
Let me apologize...


It's not me who responsible of,
But still,
Let me apologize...

Shadowing your future,
You know.... I am not.
Let me apologize...

For not enlighten you.

My apologies are not meant,
For what behind the myth.

It's for you...
Because I don't want you to let down..
Of arguing to others,
Being tolerated by,
I want to shield you,
But just before it hurts..

Challanges are yours,
Work is your to handle..
I apologize..

For not being stand along.

Away from the truth,
When you wandered,
I don't suppose to be there,
Still I apologize...

For being separated.

On the zigzag path of life,
You have to walk alone.
Still I apologize...

For not being there..


Perhaps! I should not talk about.

But just gone through.